Spot Lamp Assembly

About this product

The Spot Lamp Assembly (#81360-47010), an integral component of Toyota’s Electrical Battery & Battery Cable system and Electrical Dc Converter & Charger systems, plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal visibility during night-time driving and inclement weather. Its primary function is to project a concentrated beam of light onto a specific area, enhancing driver safety. This unit is composed of the lamp, wiring, and other electrical components, all of which are genuine Toyota parts designed for maximum compatibility. Moreover, they're backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, so you can trust their quality and longevity. As with any vehicle component, the Spot Lamp Assembly (#81360-47010) may experience wear and degradation over time. An aged or malfunctioning Spot Lamp Assembly (#81360-47010) can compromise a driver's visibility, making night-time or adverse-weather driving hazardous. It's therefore crucial to replace it periodically. By maintaining optimal function of the Spot Lamp Assembly (#81360-47010), you're ensuring not only your own safety but also contributing to the overall efficiency of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81360-47010

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